簡單地說,每項campaign大或細;每個新聞稿而至一個print ad都要一隊人搞…有料有高效益嘅團隊就自然出正嘢 (Effective team work produces effective results) 。我上過好多team building呀,teams effectiveness 呀,team leadership嘅training, 多數都OK。但有時就覺得太複雜了。I like simple guideline and analogy. 自己從小就愛上足球。足球是一項team sport. To win, you need to score higher than opponents. Simple rules but need whole team to work on it. 1994年DDB高層Bernard Brochand delivered 一個好有趣的speech “It’s a kind of magic”. 佢講到advertising 同soccer的共通點和 their need (common need) for “renewal”. I really love it and has been keeping the notes since then. Only I wish I had a chance to see him speak.