World Sleep Day 2020


March 13, 2020 is World Sleep Day. The Chinese University of Hong Kong has conducted a questionnaire survey with Silveriders to understand citizens suffered from insomnia under the tense social atmosphere in the past few months, which caused the public to pay more attention to the nature of sleep and the close relationship between sleep and health.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong conducted a questionnaire survey in mid-February. Random telephone interviews with 807 Hong Kong citizens. The study found that 6.8 out of every 10 citizens have insomnia. The main causes of insomnia include work or academic stress (43%). It is affected by health problems (28%) and family problems (20%). The study also found that more than 60% of the citizens were affected by social movements or the new coronavirus epidemic in the past six months. Said that there is no insomnia problem (32%), but about 40% of the citizens still face lack of sleep (sleep time is estimated to be 6 hours).

In view of this, Silveriders established an online information platform called “Hidden insomnia(難眠之隱)“, which aims to provide a one-stop platform for citizens to access information about sleep and insomnia, including 1) Understanding sleeping, 2) A deep understanding of sleeping, and 3) How to solve insomnia and 4) Hong Kong insomnia research report.


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