Einstein vs Bronson

“The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self” — Albert Einstein, 1934




“If anyone asks me what I believe in above all else, I would say my family. I firmly believe in the family.” — Richard Bronson, 2007


Lonely Planet嘅成功故事is an inspiration in itself. Wheelers把放眼世界發揚光大. 另有一位 “lone traveler”一生對physics嘅passion專一. 他不但放眼世界他直情放眼宇宙, 佢嘅智慧及無比嘅想像力, 把一生的passion變得好creative.他──愛因斯坦──的創意原動力是 “kindness, Beauty, and Truth.” 他是一個好happy嘅老伯伯同樣creative加上四萬笑容的Richard Bronson都有佢老兄的原動力à”Live life to the full.” 創意嘅基本元素是否與人生觀有關連呢?